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    10 October 2009


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    Danielle Hicks-Gallagher ('Shedara')

    I think what I love about you model photography is that you don't make the women look like objects - like so many photographers do. Instead, they truly are the subject, and in a very positive manner.

    For me, what really stands out about this image, is the delicate line on Katelyn's wrist (what bone is that, I never was much good at anatomy), the foreground, bottom hair, waving gently to the left, and the necklace, hanging like a droplet in time.

    Also, a lovely comparison between the background daylight, and the glow of her skin. (equally, the glow of her skin comparing to the green glow of the leaves is beautiful too)

    Looking at it some more, the compositional lines of her arms seem to keep me staring in, and the expression on her face is enchanting. As always with your images, I want to know the rest of the story - or will go away and imagine it in peace to myself.

    I could probably sit for hours, picking over all the whys and wherefores that go towards me enjoying this image; but in the long run, that wouldn't be productive to the essay I'm *supposed* to be writing, so I shall leave it at that!



    Looks most excellent - and totally improved on the thing I pointed out, bwaha!

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