"It's said that brevity is the essence of wit, but it's unfortunately rarely been the essence of mine." Thorne, 2003

"Some would say that I'm rather full of myself, but at least there'd be plenty to share." Thorne, 2009

Finishing announces new prints, art, and photos.

Shooting offers tips or backstories for learning photographers.

Revealing shares thinking behind the art and composition.

Pshopping overviews strategies and issues for post-processing.

Gearing Up deals with equipment and accessories.

Living obsesses over minutia of a strange lifestyle, while Storytelling reflects on a strange lifetime.

Pondering considers politics, on the personal level and above.

Blogging deals with all of issues of blogging again for the first time in years.

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    03 November 2009


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    Yo just quickly (busy for today but got tomorrow more free) this is awesome! Though actually I prefer the wide one - will tell you about why tomorrow! But yeah, awesome!


    Thorne!! It's been a while since the last time I talked to you, hope you had a nice birthday =P...

    But, hey! This new themes of yours, I'm loving them, not that the model pictures weren't nice, but I'm more of a nature/scenery person, you can grasp so much beauty, deepness and wisdom from them!!

    I'm really hoping you're doing ok, I'll sure give a check to all your photos when I get the time to relax and make smart comments tee hee!

    ~ Yaka

    Alyssa Morris

    Ethan and I are enjoying the scenery shots. Nice bokeh! (How's that for your non-photog sister?) I like the closer up one. The little guy is too far away in the larger one. I think he gets a little lost with the big patch of flowers.

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