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    08 November 2009


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    I was confused by your comment about the sky possibly looking too rich because that's quite a light blue compared to what you often get in Australia/NZ but then I remembered that the light and the sky is apparently not nearly as bright and blue in other parts of the world. Is this why you think the sky might be too rich? Or some other reason? In any case, it looks nice to me.

    And overall, I think this is a very cool image. I've always been a sucker for old, rusted wrecks and the psychological effect they have. Especially in the desert. This photo's very cool, it actually makes me think of photos of Australian desert rocks - Uluru - very monumental. The more I look, the more I like this too. There's something sort of organic and alive in that dead, old wreck. And then I look again and I see a battleship. So yeah, nice!

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