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    20 December 2009


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    Alyssa Morris

    This may be yikes to you, but it's WOW to me. Sorry I haven't been following closely. Forgot there was going to be a post every week. Making up for it today!


    To be perfectly honest... yeah, this one falls just a little bit flat for me. The concept is awesome and the image isn't BAD but it just... I don't know... lacks the oomf so much of your other stuff has for me. Though for the first moment, I was hooked on the image, I then noticed the focus and felt let down.

    I'm really feeling you on this image however and almost want to tell you to go back and try a third time with the camera if you possibly can! Haha!

    I feel so horrible saying this but hopefully it only helps to prove how great I think all your OTHER images are!

    Anyway, happy holidays my friend. I hope the New Years especially is good to you.


    I'm clearly not an expert in photography and composition, but the theme and particularly all the little details in this guys paws, are mesmerizing to me. How each of the claws differs from the other... and wow, I love the foldings of the skin, it somehow makes me think of an old bird (wich in my mind fits so perfectly with the title).

    The earth simply adds this sense of reality, maybe it's not your best shot and I'm sure you could have done better, but the idea is great.

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