"It's said that brevity is the essence of wit, but it's unfortunately rarely been the essence of mine." Thorne, 2003

"Some would say that I'm rather full of myself, but at least there'd be plenty to share." Thorne, 2009

Finishing announces new prints, art, and photos.

Shooting offers tips or backstories for learning photographers.

Revealing shares thinking behind the art and composition.

Pshopping overviews strategies and issues for post-processing.

Gearing Up deals with equipment and accessories.

Living obsesses over minutia of a strange lifestyle, while Storytelling reflects on a strange lifetime.

Pondering considers politics, on the personal level and above.

Blogging deals with all of issues of blogging again for the first time in years.

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    05 December 2009


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    I love this, Thorne, truly, madly, deeply! I want there to be more blue in the blue and white in the white, but I know I am wrong! I want to clone out the lamp top and the rail, but again I know I am wrong! You see, it teaches me a lesson! Hallucination with pixel invasion.


    Wiggedy wack. I totally dig it!

    Alyssa Morris

    This doesn't even look real to us. Ethan says it looks like animation and the big rail looks like a needle.


    It makes me think of a dressmaker's mannequin for some reason. The curves in the reflection are juxtaposed nicely with the straight lines of the architecture.

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