"It's said that brevity is the essence of wit, but it's unfortunately rarely been the essence of mine." Thorne, 2003

"Some would say that I'm rather full of myself, but at least there'd be plenty to share." Thorne, 2009

Finishing announces new prints, art, and photos.

Shooting offers tips or backstories for learning photographers.

Revealing shares thinking behind the art and composition.

Pshopping overviews strategies and issues for post-processing.

Gearing Up deals with equipment and accessories.

Living obsesses over minutia of a strange lifestyle, while Storytelling reflects on a strange lifetime.

Pondering considers politics, on the personal level and above.

Blogging deals with all of issues of blogging again for the first time in years.

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    11 January 2010


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    It has been so exciting seeing you produce so much as you have this year and what an expansive variety of high quality stunners! That group of thumbnails is a wonder to behold!

    And bring on an excess of desert shots! You're in the landscape, embrace it and share it with us! The desert, as a concept and in actuality, is fascinating.

    By the way, do you normally say "lol"?!?! Haha! It took me by surprise for some reason!


    Opps forgot to say I did the slideshow and it's awesome on my big, flat screen! Wowie! I was a little apprehensive but you're right, it really shows the work wonderfully well!

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